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Start saving OPEX with our cycling systems

The world is increasingly wireless. Mobile phones are extensively used across both the developed and developing world and as their popularity and sophistication continues to rise, so too does the need for new infrastructure consisting of telecom towers – or Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) – to ensure reliable coverage.

For reliable power supply every off-grid BTS will need a generating-set. In fact, even those connected to the grid are likely to need a generating-set as backup (particularly if located in a region with an unreliable grid infrastructure).

With many BTS located in remote areas telecom operators and tower companies are looking for ways how to manage their sites more effectively, reduce fuel consumption and prolong maintenance cycles in order to lower operational expenditures (OPEX). Sunpower are the ideal partner for telecom companies: We have the experience that comes from supplying thousands of genset controllers every year; a wide product range designed for specific customer demands, and the right support – wherever you are – thanks to our expert local distributor network.

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AC Cycling System
DC Cycling for Off-Grid Power Systems
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