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The applications section provides a comprehensive list of Sunpower control products organized by their suitability for specific applications. You can use this section to assess all the different control products and accessories that are designed to meet the needs of specific power and engine applications.

Rental Sets

Control systems for generators providing temporary power for power emergencies, system maintenance, public events, and many other rental applications.

Rental Sets – Prime Power System
Rental Sets – Rental Standby System with Soft Return 
Rental Sets – Paralleling Genset

Marine and Offshore

Marine based applications featuring ship engine and propulsion control systems.

Paralleling Gensets

A wide choice of power generation applications featuring multiple paralleling gen-sets.
Multiple Gen-sets in Island Mode
Standby System with Soft Return – Remote monitoring and control via internet
Rental Sets – Temporary and mobile power generation units
Multiple Gen-sets in Parallel to Grid – Remote monitoring and control via internet
Standby System with Load Shedding – Advanced displays
Ground Power Unit for Aircraft
Complex Installation – Multiple grids
Power Station – Full support for standard power management
Start-up Synchro Gen-sets – Quick AMF without standard gen-set synchronization


A range of solutions for DC and AC telecom towers that provide reliable systems and significant cost-savings.

Single Genset

Products suitable for power generation applications involving a single-generator.
Prime Power System – Remote Monitoring via Internet
Standby System – Remote Monitoring via Internet

Hybrid Power

Solutions for applications using gen-sets in combination with renewable sources.

Mains Protections

Paralleling to the mains? Mains Protection products ensure that your application meets all grid connected protection requirements.