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Rental Sets – Paralleling gensets


In many situations, simply having a single gen-set is not enough. Paralleling gen-sets allows sufficient energy, necessary to provide reliable and efficient power to construction sites, civil engineering applications, festivals or even a Formula 1 race track when grid power is unavailable or manually disconnected.

Our Solution: 

Two paralleled InteliGen NT BaseBox controllers, both fitted with InteliVision 5 colour display units, efficiently control the containerised gen-sets. The addition of ComAp‘s InternetBridge-NT communication module allows service engineers to easily control and monitor the gen-sets from virtually any location in the world by using applications such as WebSupervisor, significantly improving operational control, and reducing OPEX costs.


  • Containerized rental gen-sets are deployed as temporary and mobile power generation units providing essential energy for subsystems and construction machinery on building projects or civil engineering applications where mains power is not available or has been manually disconnected.
  • The application shows rental gen-sets fitted with the latest remote communication module InternetBridge-NT which enables the central control facility and mobile service engineers to effi ciently monitor, control and supervise equipment wherever it is located. By using the supportive web based software applications such as
    WebSupervisor, rental operators can significantly improve operational control.
  • Each gen-set can be used in Stand-by, Single parallel to mains and Multiple parallel modes according to the position of Mode selector switch.
  • Load sharing and VAr sharing can be conditionally switched from isochronous regulation to droop. It ensures reliable operation in case of cut off the CAN intercontroller communication line or cooperation with the gen-sets equipped with third-party control system.

Scope of supply:

  • 2× InteliGen NT BaseBox
  • 2x InteliVision 5
  • 2x InternetBridge-NT
  • 2× IG-AVRi

References below are based upon typical applications but may differ due to specific project requirements.