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Power station – Full support for standard power management


  • Automatic start and stop of gen-sets is based on the gen-set Priority change provided by the controller equipped
    with IGS-NT-PSC software.
  • Power Management for 16 different power bands allows increasing the efficiency of power station based on combination of engines of different size.
  • Power Station Controller (PSC) ensures even more reliable solution for run hours equalization mode with up to 30 gensets and meet the highest criteria for run hours balancing and related maintenance afterwards.
  • Auxiliary devices control like a complete fuel system control (two fuel pumps control build-in), fans, air-conditioning with defined functions or with extended programmable logic control.
  • Master control of group of gensets and auxiliary devices with all important monitoring data.
  • InteliMonitor and WebSupervisor are used for remote monitoring and control.
  • Alarm messaging via SMS or active e-mails introduces the comfortable daily solution.
  • History file with performance log stored in the controller (it is possible to use InteliGen NT, InteliGen NT BaseBox, InteliGen NTC BaseBox, InteliSys NT BaseBox or InteliSys NTC BaseBox).
  • ComAp controllers’ CAN bus compatibility allows the user to connect a Power Station unit into a new or existing installation to create a higher specified solution immediately.
  • Maximize the power of AirGate technology by connecting through a GSM network.
  • Complete power station solution provided in cooperation with InteliMains NT FDR application.

Scope of supply:

  • InteliGen NT or InteliSys NT controllers with IGS-NT-PSC and gen-set control software
    • InteliGen NT models: InteliGen NTC BaseBox,InteliGen NT BaseBox, InteliGen NT
    • InteliSys NT models: InteliSys NTC BaseBox,InteliSys NT BaseBox
  • InteliMains NT controllers with IM-NT-M(G)CB and IM-NT-FDR software (depending on application and used controller)
    • InteliMains NT models: InteliMains NTC BaseBox, InteliMains NT BaseBox, InteliMains NT
  • Accessories:
    •  Displays:
      • Color models: InteliVision 17Touch,InteliVision 8, InteliVision 5 RD,InteliVision 5
      • Monochrome models: IS-Display, IG-Display LT GC
    • Communication modules: InternetBridge-NT, I-LB+

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