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Ship power management system


  • Two auxiliary generators and one shaft generator deliver electricity for systems of the ship. Generators are controlled by GeCon software in MINT configurations.
  • Controllers can work in three basic operational modes:
    • MANUAL – controller does not control the generator, options switch off/on of protections
    • SEMI-AUTO – synchronizing and load-sharing is automatic; genset start/stop and load transfer between aux and shaft generators in manual
    • AUTO – complete automatic control
  • Power management system continuously evaluates load reserve on the bus and blocks start of the bow thruster if the load reserve is insufficient.
  • Load shedding automatically trips the non-essential systems, if the power system is overloaded.
  • Load shedding can control up to 10 independent circuits of non-essential systems.
  • Freely programmable built-in PLC functions are used to accomplish load transfer between shaft and auxiliary generators.
  • Marine approved by DNV, GL, Lloyd´s Register and CRS.

Scope of supply:

  • 6x InteliGen NT Marine GeCon
  • 2x InteliDrive DCU Marine
  • 3x InteliVision 8 Marine
  • 2x InteliVision 5 CAN Backlit
  • 6x IG-AVRi

Upgrade kits:

  • IGS-NT-LSM+PMS dongle or IGS-NT-GECON-LSM+PMS dongle for sw version IGS-NT-GeCon-Marine 3.0 and higher or IGS-NT-GeCon-LandBased 3.0 and higher
    – Load Sharing and Power Management for MINT and Combi applications
  • IGS-NT-GECON-LSM+PMS dongle for sw version IGS-NT-GeCon 2.1 and lower
    – Load Sharing and Power Management for MINT and Combi application
  • IGS-NT-GECON-PCM dongle for sw version IGS-NT-GeCon 2.1 and lower
    – Enables GeCon sw to run on the controller single parallel with mains in SPI, SPtM and PROT(for marine version only) applications

Controllers options:

  • InteliGen NT Marine GeCon
  • InteliSys NT BaseBox Marine GeCon

Related files:

  • Software:
    IGS-NT-GeCon-MARINE 3.1
  • Manuals:
    IGS-NT-GeCon-MARINE-3.1 New Features
    IGS-NT-GeCon-MARINE-SPtM 3.1

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