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Pump system with Electric motor


  • Pump system is driven by electric motors.
  • InteliDrive Lite EM makes complete control and monitoring of the motors.
  • The arigators are mixing injected chemical substance for purification of water. The arigators are
    switched from control room by InteliDrive Lite EM controller and its binary outputs. Can be affected by
    timers adjustment.
  • Depends on the pressure in the pipe system, which is measured by sensors through InteliDrive Lite EM and
    displayed in InteliMonitor SCADA system, are started centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps with electric
    motors are used for distribution of water in and out of system.
  • This application of water purification system can be controlled by six InteliDrive Lite EM controllers for full
    protection of each electric motor and with variable ways of starting or by one InteliDrive Lite EM controller
    with full protection system only for the main electric motor and with limited protection for the rest of
    electric motors, in this case, up to six electric motors can be started directly.

Scope of supply:

  • 1x (up to 6) – InteliDrive Lite EM
  • 1x (up to 6) – IL-NT GPRS

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