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Cloud Based System for Remote Monitoring and Controlling of ComAp Controllers & 3rd party devices.

WebSupervisor is a cloud-based system designed for monitoring and management of ComAp and 3rd party devices via the internet.

WebSupervisor gives you an overview of all your devices status, location, and other important data and alerts – all on one screen. If an alarm occurs, you will be notified by email. Detailed data-logging, historical trends, and device management is all easily accessible.

The system also offers powerful reporting and sophisticated analysis tools such as the Alarm Analyser or trends and heat maps that give you additional added value and help you to:

  • optimize revenue for fleet of gen-sets
  • reduce maintenance cost
  • increase gen-set up-time

Security is the top priority with WebSupervisor. It runs on Microsoft Azure servers, which are some of the most popular and secure servers in the world.

From your PC, tablet or mobile phone you can instantly reach the most important and relevant data. The responsive design ensures easy to use operation on any screen size.

Main features:

List and map view of devices, tracking and geofencing

Have an overview about all devices in the fleet

Alarm Analyser

Alarm Analyser evaluates alarms during selected period. The result of analysis is an alarm report showing all kinds of alarms occurred, their frequency and the duration.
This allows you to monitor frequent alarms that occur with the device and reduce potential maintenance costs due to device or user issues and increase a gen-set up – time.

Dashboard, Trends & Reports

The dashboard shows the statistics of an individual device, a selected group of devices or the whole fleet.
Reports in WebSupervisor offer monthly summaries of availability and other important parameters and can be generated for individual gen-sets or for groups of gen-sets. All values can be seen immediately without additional calculation or manual merging of several individual gen-set reports. The reports template can be configured according to your needs.

User activity logger

Administrators of the account can see history logs from every user, so they can monitor every user’s actions, in order to identify who was monitoring the device when an issue occurred – increasing security and customer satisfaction.

 WSV Screen editor

You can easily modify the detail view screen according your needs. The current version of Screen Editor offers several instruments including the ability to include a feed from a webcam which is useful for rental companies monitoring equipment for theft protection.


An API gives you the option to download and store complete data from WebSupervisor to your premises, integrate data into 3rd party SW as is ERP, CRM or used data in PowerBI or automate certain activities. The API documentation is available without login from websupervisor.net page.

Customizable look with your logo and URL

If you need the application to be in corporate colors and logo, just subscribe for WebSupervisor Pro account.

For more details about offered subscriptions and free test account, please, refer to: