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InteliSys GAS

Controller for Gas Gen-set Application

The InteliSys Gas is an industrial grade controller for gas engine generator sets mainly used in CHP (Cogeneration) and power generation applications. The InteliSys Gas controls, monitors and protects the generator set according defined setpoints and its configuration.

Preconfigured functions, scalable and configurable I/Os, broad communication capabilities and an easy-to-change software allows to adapt the controller to various applications without greater efforts.

The InteliSys Gas and its accessories gives you the perfect solution for your gas engine generator set application. You will get the products and related services out of one hand.

  • Predefined adjustable functions tailored to gas engine specific needs.
  • Read in of all relevant mechanical and electrical signals via Sensors, Voltage and Current Transformers to control the entire generator set.
  • Full control of the circuit breakers like Generator Breaker and Mains Breaker.
  • Automatic Synchronization and kW/kVAr Control to safely connect your generator to the bus and run in stable operation.
  • Baseload control, Peak Shaving, Import& Export Power Control to and from the grid e.g. to keep the Electrical Power within the limits as agreed with the distribution system operator (DSO).
  • Large built-in PLC Software to program your own specific functions according to your own requirements like heat and cold circuit control for CHP, CCHP or other applications.
  • Support wide range of applications – from single to multiple, from island to network parallel operation.
  • Power management function including new mode of effective engine run in network parallel operation.
  • Compliance to Grid code standards for low and medium voltage distribution networks (like German “BDEW”) to protect the grid and your generator set from faulty electrical conditions in the systém.
  • Plug&Play support for easy connection of the controller to the ComAp InteliVision display family.
  • The InteliSys Gas can be connected to the new innovative InteliVision 12 Touch Display for perfect HMI experience when high number of Data has to be visualized and processed.
  • Extensive communication to all type of Engine ECUs for start/stop sequencing and ECU diagnostics to minimize trouble shooting efforts and shorten engine down times.
  • Temperature or other Process based Power Control to safely stay within your operational conditions especially for CHP applications.
  • Load sharing feature also available to share the load in island operation between the generator sets.
  • Extensive Event-based and PreMortem history logger for effective diagnostics.