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IG-NT/IS-NT On-line StarterKit

Internet Access Simulator for InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT Controllers

On-line controller – you can test the InteliGen NT or InteliSys NT controller functionality and setting on-line; all you need to do is to download and install IG-NT/IS-NT Installation package and manuals.

How to connect to the controller:
– Start InteliMonitor, click on Open connection icon, select Connect to selected site, select IS-internet site and click on Open connection.
– It is necessary to unlock controller if you want to edit setpoints. Click on the lock icon or press Alt+P to open Login window. Select User as the user name and write 0 as the password.
– It may happen that somebody else is already connected to the on-line controller (up to 4 users can be connected to the controller at the same time) and signed up for controller setpoints editing. Attempt to login may be followed by error message: Invalid password/New controller 1. Please, try to login later if this message is displayed.

If you have no IS-internet site configured, you can add it.
– In InteliMonitor Connection window choose Connect to selected site mode.
– Click on “+” in Sites section to add new Site. You can change default site name.
– Than click on “+” in Controllers section and add new controller. You can change default controller name.
– Check that selected Type is iGS-NT and Addr is 1. Into field Acc put 0.
– In Connection section choose Internet and put IP address into IB 1 field.
– Now you can open connection.

You can also use Quick-connect to controller mode.
– Use Internet type of connection, fill Internet bridge connection with, Address is 1, Access code is 0.

This controller is available via analog modem, too.
– Phone number you have to dial is +420 284 825 909.

Please note, that available on-line controller is the InteliSys NT StarterKit controller. It means:
– Mains current simulation is not available in the InteliSys NT StarterKit, therefore power Export/Import simulation is not possible.
– Features and setpoints of the InteliSys NT controller which are not available in the InteliGen NT controller are marked in manual with cyan background.