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Start-up synchro gensets – Quick AMF without standard gen-set synchronization


  • Application for faster start-up sequence of multiple generators.
  • No need to synchronize generators by standard way and wait until all of them are synchronized on the same bus.
  • Suitable for standby applications.
  • Eliminates possible blackout time.
  • Ideal for systems running on UPS.
  • System available at full capacity in 8-10 seconds from start command.
  • Start-up time remains constant even if the number of generators is increased to 10, 20 or 31.
  • To avoid delaying availability of the system due to slow-starting generators or other problems, any engines that fail to reach running speed within a specified time are “rejected” from the scheme and, if able, are left to perform traditional synchronizing after the majority of sets have become available.
  • Traditional synchronizing available to allow for slow-starting generators.
  • Automatic switching to traditional synchronizing in case insufficient sets are available to meet load’s requirements.
  • The soft magnetizing of feed transformers – solves the problem where grid supply is not capable of supplying the inrush and decreases the overall cost of the installation.
  • Detailed description of function is available in manual: “IGS-NT-MINT-3.1.0 Reference Guide”
  • (in the past the SUS function was only in SW IGS-NT-SUS, but in September 2014 SUS function was added to standard sw (IGS-NT 3.1.1 and IM-NT 3.1.1)

Controller options:

  • InteliGen NT or InteliSys NT  or InteliMains NT controllers with Standard software
    • InteliGen NT models: InteliGen NTC BaseBox,InteliGen NT BaseBox, InteliGen NT
    • InteliSys NT models: InteliSys NTC BaseBox,InteliSys NT BaseBox
    • InteliMains NT models: InteliMains NT GC ,InteliMains NT BaseBox, InteliMains NTC BaseBox

Dongle options:

  • IGS-NT-LSM+PMS dongle (for MINT, COX and COMBI archive only)

Related files:

  • Software:
  •       IGS-NT : IGS-NT-3.1.1 Firmware upgrade package.zip
  •       IM-NT:    IM-NT 3.1.1 Firmware Upgrade Package.zip
  • Manuals: IGS-NT-3.1.1 New Features.pdf

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