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Standby system with soft return – Remote monitoring and control via Internet


  • Stand-by emergency gen-set accomplishes power supply to essential load during power drop.
  • The controller automatically starts the gen-set in case of mains failure and switches load to generator. When mains power returns, it synchronizes the generator back, softly unloads it and stops the engine.
  • Generator automatically synchronizes to mains in Test mode. Test mode can be used to check the gen-set condition and to provide uninterrupted power supply in case of expected mains failure.
  • Status of the gen-set is displayed in the distribution point.
  • InteliMonitor is used for remote monitoring and control; connected via IB-Lite.
  • History file with performance log stored in InteliCompact NT SPtM allows easy backtracking and problem solving.
  • Seamless communication with engine’s electronic injection control unit, all important values and alarms are visible on screen of InteliCompact NT and stored to the history file in plain language.

Scope of supply:

  • 1× InteliCompact NT SPtM
  • 1× IG-AVRi
  • 1× IB-Lite
  • 1× IGL-RA15