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Standby system with load shedding – Advanced displays


  • The system guarantees emergency standby power in case of mains failure.
  • InteliMains NT BaseBox provides AMF function and activates mains to gen-sets changeover in the case of mains failure no break return to mains.
  • Load shedding can take place during the changeover to trip the unessential load when gen-set goes to island.
  • Gen-set starts, the power is ramped-up, load is reconnected. The second gen-set is started if needed (more load requires more gen-set power).
  • Automatic forward and reverse synchronisation with soft load ramp-up and ramp-down during changeover is available.
  • Wide range of engine and generator protections, including vector shift protection are standard features.
  • Automatic optimization of number of running sets according to load can be selected.
  • Automatic equalization of running hours of particular engines is available.
  • History file with performance log stored in InteliGen NT BaseBox allows easy backtracking and problem solving.

Scope of supply:

  • 2× InteliGen NT BaseBox
  • 1× InteliMains NT BaseBox
  • 2× InteliVision 8
  • 3x  InteliVision 5
  • 2× IGS-NT-LSM+PMS dongle
  • 2× IG-AVRi

References below are based upon typical applications but may differ due to specific project requirements.

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