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Multiple gen-sets in island


  • For use in a fully independent, non-grid connected system, which is the only available power source.
  • Automatic forward and reverse synchronization with soft load ramp-up and ramp-down during changeover.
  • In built Power management system, enabling automatic optimization of number of running gen-sets according to
    load (including Run Hours equalization).
  • Remote control and monitoring via IL-NT GPRS or IB-Lite (easy with AirGate technology).
  • WebSupervisor or LiteEdit can be used for remote monitoring and control.
  • Wide range of engine and generator protections, including vector-shift protection, loss of excitation and earth fault current protection.
  • Option to control the gen-sets via SMS.
  • Extensive history file, with performance log, stored in InteliCompact NT MINT allows easy backtracking and problem solving.
  • Seamless communication with the engine‚Äôs electronic injection control unit, all important values and alarms are visible on the InteliCompact NT screen and stored to the history file in plain language.

Scope of supply:

  • 3x InteliCompact NT MINT
  • 3x IB-Lite or IL-NT GPRS
  • 3x IG-AVRi

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