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Complex installation – Multiple grids


  • Essential load is fed by two mains feeders during normal operation to achieve maximum reliability of the power delivery. Bus-tie breaker (BTB) is closed.
  • The built-in PLC may contain a complex switching algorithm that determines which breakers are open and closed based on user requirements and current situation (gen-set availability, Mains status etc.).
  • Reverse synchronizing on both feeders and on bus-tie breaker is accomplished by 5 InteliMains NT units.
  • Active and reactive load-sharing can operate in two modes:
    • Sharing the load between all running gen-sets – if BTB is closed
    • Sharing the load in two independent groups – if BTB is opened
  • Automatic power dependant start/stop can operate in two modes as well:
    • Running on all gen-sets – if BTB is closed
    • Running in two independent groups – if BTB is opened
  • All controllers are interconnected by one CAN bus all the time, disregarded if BTB is closed or open, no need for relays reconnecting the CAN bus.
  • Complete system is remotely controlled and supervised from Control room connected via company LAN and InternetBridge-NT to all controllers.
  • InteliPro and InteliMains NT, both with their own integrated mains protections, offer users in combination the reassurance of two-level protection.
  • InteliMains NT features numerous system control options in Parallel to Mains operation. This product offers Internal and External Baseload control with Export limitation, Internal and External Import/Export control and Load control based on measured system temperature.

Scope of supply:

  • 3x InteliGen NTC BaseBox
  • 3x InteliSys NTC BaeBox
  • 5x InteliMains NT BaseBox
  • 2x InteliPro
  • 8x InteliVision 5
  • 3x InteliVision 8
  • 1x InteliVision 17Touch
  • 1x InternetBridge-NT
  • 6x IGS-NT-LSM+PMS dongle
  • 6x IG-AVRi

References below are based upon typical applications but may differ due to specific project requirements

w300-Complex installation-multiple grids