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Shunting locomotive


  • The shunting locomotive re-power application uses an InteliDrive DCU Industrial for the complete control, monitoring and protection of the Volvo D16 engine which drive a Voith Hydro – Turbo gear-box for propulsion via a system of push-rods.
  • Full communication between engine, InteliDrive DCU Industrial and the two InteliVision 8 displays is achieved with CAN bus – making the system wiring and integration very simple.
  • All values, warnings and fault codes from the engine (EMS) are displayed on the two large InteliVision 8 displays, located on both sides of the locomotive cabin.
  • Smooth take-off and moving, with wheel-slip limitation, is controlled by Ramp function – made possible with the standard InteliDrive DCU Industrial integrated, free configurable PLC logic.

Scope of supply:

  • 1x InteliDrive DCU Industrial
  • 2x InteliVision 8
  • 1x ID-SCM