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Rental Sets – Rental standby system with soft return


  • Rental stand-by emergency gen-set to provide power to essential services during a power drop, as a backup to
    a common stand-by system.
  • The controller automatically starts the gen-set in case of mains failure and switches the load to the generator. When mains power returns, it synchronizes the generator back, softly unloads it and stops the engine.
  • The generator automatically synchronizes to the mains in its Test mode. The Test mode can be used to check
    the gen-set condition and to provide uninterrupted power supply in case of expected mains failure.
  • The status of the gen-set is displayed at the distribution point and can also be monitored via smartphone.
  • WebSupervisor is used for remote monitoring and control; connected via an IL-NT GPRS. It is also possible to control localization and sequential movement of a rental gen-set.
  • History file with performance log stored in InteliCompact NT SPtM allows easy backtracking and problem solving.
  • Seamless communication with the engine’s electronic injection control unit, all important values and alarms are
    visible on screen of InteliCompact NT and stored to the history file in plain language.
  • The function of FuelTheft is to monitor fuel levels, and provide notification alarms in case of fuel theft or fuel leak.

Scope of supply:

Reference below is based upon typical applications but may differ due to specific project requirements.

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