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Hybrid power plant with 3rd party controller


  • Hybrid applications combine gen-sets (burning mostly fossil fuels) and renewable energy sources to reduce the amount of fuel burned.
  • ComAp controllers feature fully automatic gen-set control and protections. This allows smooth operation of the system. They also provide full ECU support for ECU equipped engines.
  • As many of these systems are located in remote locations they can profit from ComAp’s remote communication tools.
  • ComAp controllers are also prepared to cooperate with 3rd party controller.
  • Intercommunication between 3rd party system and ComAp controller can be realized via Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP or analog line.
  • There can be up to 32 ComAp controllers connected together and working in this system (including InteliGen NT BaseBox, InteliSys NT BaseBox and InteliMains NT BaseBox).
  • To ensure the system stability and to allow higher penetration of renewables ComAp has developed the function called Dynamic Spinning Reserve.
    • This function allows the system to react flexibly to the changes in power produced by renewable energy sources.
    • ComAp controllers can react to requested spinning reserve and keep the sufficient amount of gen-sets running to cover the drop in output of the renewable part (e.g. when the could covers the PV array).
  • For activation of Dynamic Spinning Reserve it is necessary to install the hybrid software and activate the Dynamic Spinning Reserve function (contact your official distributor for activation).

Scope of supply:

SW is available for InteliSys NTC Basebox, InteliGen NT(C) Basebox and InteliMains NT(C) Basebox controllers.

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